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Sad Tank in Snow

Four Thirty Five
13 March 1979
B9 d- t- k- s- u- f- i- o x+ e l+ c

SomethingAwful User: Kuo_435

City of Heroes / City of Villains Global ID: @435
2d fighters, 3d studio max, adventure games, alton brown, anime, art, beatles, bisexuality, british humor, burnout, caffiene, cccp, cel shading, chocolate, city of heroes, city of villains, clip shows, clothing, comedy, computer animation, computer upgrades, computers, connections, cooking, cops, cultural studies, cyberpunk, cyberpunk 2020, cynicism, denis leary, diet dr. pepper, diet soda, digital art, discovery channel, dogma, double gulps, drawing, easy money, ebay, electronica, final fantasy, furniture, good eats, grand theft auto, guild wars, guilty gear, gun-fu, gunbound, guns, hewlett-packard, history, history channel, idea making, improvisational comedy, indiana jones, ipaq, irony, james burke, jamie oliver, jinusean, junior senior, kevin smith, king of fighters, krav maga, last comic standing, lethal weapon, long island iced tea, lord of the rings, martial arts, maya, mercedes lackey, meritage, mike's hard lime, military documentaries, mocking idiots, money, monster garage, monster house, monty python, movies, mp3s, mu*s, music, mystery science theater 3000, mythbusters, northern shaolin kung fu, nwcn, p-47s, painkillers, parasite eve, peanut butter, peter woodward, photoshop, pixel art, playmore, police, popcap games, pump it up!, quotations, r. lee ermey, robin williams, rockstar games, roleplaying, rot3k, rp congress, rpgs, school, scientific discovery, sega, shenmue, shopping, skateboarding, snk, something awful, standup comedy, stikfas, streets of rage, suikoden, tai ch'i, tai kwon do, techno, technological gadgetry, tenchu, terry pratchett, the learning channel, toejam & earl, tom cruise, tombstone, torrents, transmetropolitan, trebuchet tk, trigun, video games, vodka, war history, weaponry, weird al, what not to wear, while you were out, whose line, william gibson, wired magazine, women with glasses, wry wit, x-box, yuzo koshiro