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Stolen From Crackjackal's Journal...

Thanks, Ashi.

A-Age: 22 going on eighty.
B-Best friend: I have a lot of aquaintences, but now that work is my primary source of everything social, I don't think I really have much in the way of friends left. By virtue of time and lack of interaction, I'd have to say that all my friends are aquaintences now. So, no-one.
C-Choice of meat: Turkey or chicken... I'm trying to cut red meat out of my diet.
D-Dream date: A date.
E-Exciting adventure: To meet all my aquaintences.
F-Favorite food: Chicken Cordon Bleu.
G-Greatest accomplishment: Surviving two holiday seasons in the same retail job.
H-Happiest day of your life: The first time I touched my toes after my hip surgery. This means that either I'm a very boring person, or life has shat on me thus far, or karma owes me big.
I-Interests: 99.9% of them are on hold, so I can't really tell you.
J-Justice and Revenge: ...Have been yet to be served.
K-Kool-aid: ...doesn't mix well with alcohol, really.
L-Love: Hurts.
M-Most valued: Financial Stability. Shame I'm nowhere close.
N-Name: Michael. I would have been an Erica if a girl...
O-Outfit you love: It's not one I own, nor one I can wear. It is, after all, women's apparel, and would not look good on me.
P-Pizza toppings: Grilled Chicken, Zucchini, Broccoli and Extra Cheese with pesto on white.
Q-Question asked of you the most: Can you ring me up?
R-Radio station: KHTR - Kuo Hates The Radio.
S-Sport: Thirty Second Solitare.
U-Your favorite song: Currently - Bloodhound Gang, Most Likely To Suck.
V-Video: Demolition Man.
W-Winter: I love it... But I have this wee problem with Seasonal Affective Disorder.
X-Xylophone: Used in 'Shoehorn With Teeth', one of the most entertaining songs to ever be played live. TMBG is cool.
Y-Year born: 1979. Nothing really significant happened that year.
Z-Zodiac: Pisces. Stuck on a hook.

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