Four Thirty Five (435) wrote,
Four Thirty Five

[Dreams] Bling Bling!

Every so often, I get these lottery dreams. Lots of people do, but mine never seem to center around myself. They tend to be about me treating my parents, giving back to those whom have given so much to me. Well, I had another one last night.

Okay, so first. Win lotto. WOO. I then fly over to Honolulu, Hawai'i, then take the hopper to the island of Maui. Find a really nice house on beachfront property for sale, have a contractor look at it, buy it. Contact the Discovery Channel. Submit house to Monster House for the perfect Aloha Beach House. Get the call back that they want to do the show. ^_^

Immediately contact Orange County Choppers, have a custom themed bike made... Based on the Benton County Sheriff's Office stuff.

Contact West Coast Choppers, have a custom-made BMW Monstermobile made for my mother.

Have them fly in on the Saturday of the house unveiling. Give them house. In garage, the chopper and car.

The end. Can you tell I've been watching the Discovery Channel way too much? Monster House, Monster Garage and American Chopper, all in one dream about treating my parents.
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