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[Meme] Name Game Continuation.

(M)ove Your Feet - Junior Senior
(I)ncomplete - Bad Religion
(C)rucify - Tori Amos
(H)ELP! - The Beatles
(A)t My Funeral - Crash Test Dummies
(E)asy Lover - Phil Collins
(L)et the Beat Hit 'Em! (R&B Mix) - Stone Bros.

(T)omorrow Comes Today - Gorillaz
(R)un On - Moby
(E)verybody Dance Now - C+C Music Factory
(V)iva Las Vegas - ZZ Top
(O)verkill - Men At Work
(R)asputin - Boney M

(E)den - Sarah Brightman
(A)lcohol - Barenaked Ladies
(S)imple Things - Dirty Vegas
(T)ony - Patty Griffin
(H)ell Yeah - Bloodhound Gang
(A)ll the Stories But One - Floater
(M)asochism Tango - Tom Lehrer
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