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[Meme] Ganked from fallofrain and feralknights...

(D)arkening of the Light - Concrete Blonde
(A)ll or Nothing - Dirty Vegas
(K)ing of Pain - The Police
(U)nforgiven - Metallica
(O)ops (I Did It Again) - Britney Spears
(O)nce in a Lifetime - Talking Heads
(T)he Psychic - Crash Test Dummies
(T)iny Voices - Bad Religion
(A) Different Kind of Love Song - Cher

Also: From

Portland, OR
Medford, OR
Washington, DC
Milwaukee, WI
Hartford, CT
New Haven, CT
Salem, OR
Eugene, OR
Albequerque, NM
Chicago, IL
Providence, RI
Baltimore, MD
Corvallis, OR
Bend, OR
Boston, MA
Santa Fe, NM
Oshkosh-Appelton/Neenah, WI
Oak Park, IL
Little Rock, AR
Reno, NV
Eau Claire, WI
Green Bay, WI
Gaithersburg, MD
Fayetteville, AK

No, Oregon, no.

And in one final thing, I dropped the Wizcore a line on BGM about the staff opening. I suppose I have the same chances as a limp zucchini, but I thought I'd try.
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