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I Hate My Life, pt. 1

I lost three LJ posts today thanks to AvantGo not having a memory cache. The basic gist of them was work sucks, I whupped Shin Akuma at the arcade today, and I need a better job so I can afford gouda and spinach dip.

But, the current economy has me stuck right nice and happy here at the Bon Marche, your Northwest (hell) Department Store. So, I need to jump ship to another department. Preferably one with a french title, such as Lancome or Clinique. Yes, the fine wonderful world of cosmetics is my current goal in life, considering I will make BANK doing it. Every single item I'd sell would be on commission. $_$

As the Dooney and Bourke/Handbags Specialist, I already get a lot of jokes aimed at me from my co-workers and customers. I figure I might as well get paid for it.


All I want for Christmas is a money.

Money makes the world go 'round.

Money pays debts.

A debt-free life would be nice. I lived it once... Only a few years ago, even. Then my parents encouraged me to get a credit card. *EEEEH!* Big mistake. Now, due to that, I'm living paycheck to paycheck, living without a car (It was such a nice and pretty car, too), and am STILL racking up late fees like a madman.

All I wanna do is pay my bills and afford to keep paying them. ;_;


I will kiss the girl from Venus, for science.


If anyone reading is getting absolutely sick of Thanksgiving turkey, please vaccuum seal and forward it to...

Dooney & Bourke Specialist
The Bon Marche
301 Capital Mall Dr.
Olympia, WA

I'd be most appreciative.



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