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[Stuff] GEEEKU!

Meant to post about this last week, but got lazy.

Okay, so here I am, on the bus, piddling around with my book of crosswords, two people get up to get off on the stop before mine. One is this young Japanese exchange student, dressed casually, looking rather, well, perplexed. In his hands was a Japanese/English dictionary, bent arund to fit in his hand. He looks over at me, leans over and points to a word on a page.

Him: Excuse me, how you pronounce this word?
Me: *looking over* Oh, GEEK.
Him: Geeku?
Me: *nodding* Geek.
(shot pause)
Him: *standing, pointing* GEEKU!

I pause myself. I cannot get angry at this... It was just too cute. I get this big shit-eating grin on my face and nod sharply. Hai. Geeku desu. He gets a big grin on his face, and departs the bus.

If only he knew how big a geeku I was. ^O^


And in other news... I saw someone purchase 30 half-racks of beer this evening. My eyes nearly fell out of my head.
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