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[Random] Mini-bits...

There are few times I'm happy to have Win98. Now is one of those.


Glad all you Otacon attendees had fun. Wish I'd been there.

PS: pix pls ok thx


I wanna play Ragnarok Online, but I have no desire to pay for it.


Coach can suck my willy.

Also: Made my plan. Get free Dooney & Bourke product. Gonna getta jacket. It'll be my father's birthday gift. ^______^


Going to Seattle next week. The week after, I go to Vancouver, BC. I'd love to get tarx out of Oly for at least a day...

Since I know you're gonna read this, love... Talk to Geoff, perhaps? :tenbux: for gas and lunch might get you out of town! n_______n


I wonder if Missa Melissa's still in Seattletown. She owes me booze.


I'm thinking about taking Ash (Evil Dead, Army of Darkness) as a character on BGM. If I'd been drawn for Fifteen, that's whom you would have had as an Angel...

Be glad I lost. Hoo ha.


I'm thinking about putting together a massive DOS box. That's right. MS-DOS 5.1. A high-end 486 with a decent sound card (for the time), and one massive hard-drive. Like 5 gig. Then run around and put all the old Sierra games I can find on the machine. Some Infocom games, too. Oh, and LucasArts.

OldSkool Machina. Mmm.


I <3 Peter Woodward.

I also <3 R. Lee Ermey.


Can't stop...
Can't stop the beat
Won't stop...
Won't stop the beat
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