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Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

As I have said before, it should be mandatory that every person, before they can graduate from high school, should have at least a certain amount of retail or phonework experience. I have decided now that it need only be one month... November 23rd through December 24th.

Unfortunately, my wish is not what's happening, and, thus, many people do not have the same experiences, motives or knowledge that those of us who do can relate to. So, as my public service announcement for today, let me give some good shopping tips for the season.

  • First and foremost... Your cashier is your friend, not your enemy. They are human, prone to the same mistakes you are. If your transaction takes a while, be patient, thank them, and wait to grumble about them once you've left the store. Some of the people who are helping you are seasonal help, and are usually poorly trained before they get sent out on the floor. Most will not have a job come January.

  • Be careful whom you badmouth. You never know if the person to whom you're talking is the SO, friend, dire enemy or lover of the other party. If someone truly maligns you while on the clock, go talk to a manager, not another cashier.

  • If a man is working in handbags, do not automatically assume that he's a fruit, gay or has been put up to it by the malignant schedule-maker. Thank you.

  • How crappy has your shopping day been? Remember that your cashier not only has to put up with hundreds of people who are having similarly craptacular days, but then must also go do shopping themselves. So, please, unless you want to see headlines like, Cashier Goes Insane; Kills Thirty With Gravy Boat, then lay off the rant until you're alone with your packages.

  • Cashier Goes Insane; Kills Thirty With Gravy Boat. That's funny. ;D

  • If someone asks you if you are finding everything alright, if you need anything else, or if you want to apply for their card, remember: if they don't ask, they could lose their job.

  • If you're even remotely interested in their card, apply. Even if you don't get approved. Many stores require every associate open a certain amount of credit accounts in a certain time frame (For me, it's one a month, bare minimum. They want us at one activated account per one-hundred non-store card transaction). If they don't get it after a dertain amount of time (Me, 4 months in a year), zshoop! Buhbye employment! If you later decide that you don't want the card, use it once (Particularly if there's a special discount for using it), pay it off a few days later, and quietly cancel the card. You'll have gotten the better deal, and you'll make your cashier's day.

  • Oh, by the way... The Card does not neccessarily mean The Store. The Store usually outsources their credit to another company. If you got shafted by Credit, cancel the card, write the company and ask them to drop their Credit company. The more people who do this, and things will change. The grunts can't do jack. Your voice means more than theirs.

  • Chill out, yo. It'll make life easier. On you, on your family, on your friends, and on that poor schmuck behind the counter.


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