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[Meme] Stolen from plasticchimera...

What's In My Wallet:

Washington State Identification Card. [mug shot]
WaMu ATM card.
Discover card. Cancelled. In there for making payments.
Bon Marche employees credit card.
Safeway Club Card.
PetCo P.A.L.S. card.
Regal Cinemas card.
CostCo card.
GNC Gold card.
Oregon State Driver's Licence. Expired. [another mugshot]
Regence BlueShield medical card.
Wallet calendar.
Bon Marche employee verification card
A tip chart.
Ten ATM reciepts.
A slip of paper with financial notes. Formerly held silverware together in Tony Roma's.
A pair of phone numbers on a BONslip.
The business card of the guy whom chopped my hair.
Two Hot Topic frequent buyer's cards.
tarx's ATM card, on loan.
4 $1.
1 $5.
8 $20. For rent payment.

And that be it. The wallet's a Dooney & Bourke, by the by.
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