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[Work] Fun.

So, the Bon Marche's changing it's name to The Bon Macy's. I mentioned this in another post. The upside is that the BONcard will be usable across the whole of Federated.

The downside is currently in the rumor mode, but there's a scheduled all-store meeting on the 19th to address it.

The jist of the rumor is thus:

  • All employees will recieve a pay cut. This cut will be between $0.25 and $4.64 an hour.
  • In addition to the pay cut, hours will be reduced. A standard 14-hour week is expected, as opposed to the thirty-five most of us have now.
  • We will be expected to fight for commission. The commission rates are not expected to change, leaving me and my co-workers to battle it out over a whopping 1% after our sales goals.
  • Dress code will change, forcing men into suits and women into more business-like attire. Being paid minimum wage, no one will be able to afford this.

I then add this to the rumor pot myself.

  • 30% of the staff will quit outright.
  • 30% of the staff will start looking for another job immediately, myself included.
  • The local unions will descend upon the Bon and immediately turn the store union.
  • The new BONunion will strike.
  • Riots will ensue. Havoc will be caused. Many BONpeons will be shot.
  • The CEO of Federated will be hailed by the stockholders for reducing costs.

As if money issues weren't sucky enough as it is...

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