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[Survey] 5 Questions from the Dre

So here's the deal. I was given five querstions by agermain, whom, in turn, was given five questions from another, and so on down the line. Thus, it's like a meme, but a little more interesting.

Thus, as it is my duty, if you want to have me come up with five questions for you, just reply to this post with a 'Me! Me!' and I'll whip 'em up.

1 - Which came first for you, teh intarnet web or MU*? How did you find out about each of these?
Teh intarnet web caem ferst, sar, although the roots of my MU*ing came before that, with my introduction to the wide wide world of teh BBS. Spent a better part of a year attached to various BBSes (thanks to stryypgya) before the one I liked best shut down and moved to LA. I thus lost interest until the next school year, when the school finally got wired. Went under the handle of RotWC (Ryo-ohki the Wonder Cabbit) for many a moon... Started my online RP with an FF7 PBEM (Play By E-Mail), then got introduced to VirtuaMUCK by tarx's ex BF, soon after which my roommate Geoff introduced me to FurryFaire, which led to my other furry jaunts.

2 - Have you ever considered doing and/or done any of the following: paragliding, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, skydiving, white water rafting, snowboarding/skiing? Or are these activities better left to people interested in artificially shortening their own lifespans?
I've always wanted to go skydiving or snowsliding of any variety. As for the others, those are definately things better left to those with a death wish. I've done enough damage to myself over my short lifetime...

3 - Pick a decade (1990s, 2000s, 1850s, etc.) to be stuck in, Twilight Zone-like, for the rest of your life. Which one would allow you to keep your sanity longest?
I would have to go with the 90's. It's not the start of the computer revolution, so the PC market would start to pick up speed. All the good music is readily available, or will be soon. Plus, it would allow me to place bets on a whole bunch of things (Super Bowls, World Series, etc) and thus make my alternate selves incredibly rich for the whole of that decade, until the reset. x.x

4 - You like video games, and martial arts, and photoshoppery, sure. But if you had to pick one of your skills in which to become the almighty supreme force in ... which one would it be and why? What skills do you most want to be absolutely perfect at?
Digital image manipulation. As much as I would love to be all "I know kung-fu", it wouldn't get me as far as the photoshoppery would. Being the God_of_teh_'ShopJob could get me massive fame in every media source, let me meet pretty much anyone I'd want to, and secure me a job that would pay me very well.

5 - Offered the chance to be on a highly-rated television program, live in front of millions of TV viewers, guaranteed a nice fat royalties check, just in exchange for doing something so completely humiliating that it'd go on record as the most "OMGWTFBBQ?!" moment in television history... would you accept? Is money and fame worth the loss of pride?
It's all about the benjamins, baby. Having been as poor as I am for as long as I have been, I would like to think that I'd do most anything for moolah. Especially since cosmetic surgery prices are lowering dramatically as of late. ^_____^;

Bonus question - "Do you have anything fresh to say on your behalf?"
Yeah, I do. "Teddybear."

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