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[Survey] LJ stuff.

Happy Memorial Day. I'm wearing all black to work, to which I have to ride my bike in order to make it. No bus service, ya see. Whee.

Other factoid... Come August, the store will be The Bon Macy's. Which is quite possibly the stupidest way to get Macy's into our name. HAVEN'T YOU FEDERATED FUCKERS HEARD OF HYPENATION? >_<

Also: Update on 435.

You stole this from: fallofrain.
With the coolest username: kungpaodragon or chocobullet.
With the coolest userpics: You expect me to choose? @%#$. jaiden's 'Loser Bus' icon rocks my world.
With the cutest username: impytoes.
With the coolest layout: Dunno. I only read fried's views. fallofrain's LJ has something different when you look at the comments, though...
Most likely to comment in your journal: tarx, hands down.
You last added: kelen.
You first added: Either kibbles or adequatemagic. It's been a while, cannot remember.
Who seems to be on ALL your friends' lists: Comedy 435 option.
What's the longest you've gone without posting to LJ since the day you signed up: Quite Some Time (tm)
What's the longest you've gone without reading LJ since you discovered it: One week, methinks.
How many of your LJ friends do you know in "real life": Four out of forty-six.
Who is the most intelligent or insightful person you know on LJ: Again with the choices! @%#$! hightensile or adequatemagic or agermain.
Have you ever wanted to meet someone from LJ: Uh, yesh. There's forty-two that haven't been graced with my presence yet.
Whose journal do you enjoy reading the most: I enjoy reading this.
Which one do you admire: Most all you bastards.
Which one has an attitude problem: kategod, but she has an excuse. Otherwise, may, but he's a goon.
Which one is the funniest: unclejam.
Which one is the sweetest: fallofrain.
Which one can you trust the most: stryypgya. We've know each other since the early '90s, after all.
Which one do you know the best: tarx.
Which one are you most likely to have a crush on: Other than tarx, umm... skwirly or fallofrain.
Who's the prettiest/cutest: I cannot say, for I have not seen pictures of ya all.
Who's the shortest: I have no bloody idea. neomeruru?
Who's the oldest: adequatemagic.
Who's the youngest: neomeruru.
Who do you see the most: tarx, duh.
Who do you talk to most online: fallofrain.
Prettiest couple: fallofrain and her hubby.
Prettiest hair: Melikes what I've seen of people's hair thus far, but cannot make a judgement without further evidence.
Most like you: Despite years of no contact, stryypgya and I are eerily similar individuals now. Same plan for our lives. Same interests, for the most part. All I'd have to do is drag him into MUCKing... *ponders ebil things*

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