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[Survey] Friday Five

1. Name one song you hate to admit you like.
Los Del Rios - Macarena

2. Name two songs that always make you cry.
Crash Test Dummies - The Psychic
Crash Test Dummies - At My Funeral

3. Name three songs that turn you on.
P!nk - You Make Me Sick
Daze - In The Middle Of The Night
Ani diFranco - Shameless

4. Name four songs that always make you feel good.
Daevid Soul - Miller Ball Breakers
Genesis - I Can't Dance
The Beatles - Ticket to Ride
Kid Rock - Devil Without A Cause

5. Name five songs you couldn't ever do without.
Glen Frye - Smuggler's Blues
Bloodhound Gang - Asleep At The Wheel
Dirty Vegas - All or Nothing
Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
Metallica - Until It Sleeps

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