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Wouldja lyke to tayke a suur-vey?

(1) Name/Nick/Age
- Michael / Kuo / Twenny-Two

(2) Girlfriend/Boyfriend
- Hai.

(3) What do you do when you feel bad?
- Bitch, whine, mope, groan, work. Work. Work.

(4) Do you always tell the truth?
- No one does.

(5) Are you happy?
- Not at all. Too much stress.

(6) Do you believe in God?
- No one being coud have screwed things up as bad as things are here. Karma, though, seems to exist. At least negative karma.

(7) Do looks matter?
- It affects the way people percieve and interact with you. Yes.

(8) Politics?
- Moderate. Some Leftist, some Rightist.

(9) Do you think homosexuals should be allowed to adopt?
- Yes.

(10) What is the meaning of life?
- Survival and procreation. (I'm so philosophical)

(11) Do you think everything was better in former times?
- Former times? Like, the 80's?

(12) Would you consider yourself intelligent?
- Above average, indeed.

(13) Listens to?
- Everyone who needs to talk. Music.

(14) Friends?
- A few. Mostly online.

(15) Self-Confidence (1-10)?
- Variable between 2 and 8, depending on what exactly I'm doing. 4 on average.

(16) Immigration?
- From Oregon to Washington.

(17) Are you a feminist?
- I believe in equality across the board.

(18) Make-up?
- No.

(19) Pessimist/Optimist?
- Pessimist.

(20) Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
- The best. My parents are my best friends, most trusted advisors and personal councellors. And occasionally my loan officers. n.n;

(21) Most negative quality?
- Temper.

(22) Do you have a life?
- Work. Eat. Sleep. Work. On my days off, I'm lost. NO life.

(23) Can you manage without the Internet?
- I have had to, and it was much difficult. Please sir, not again.

(24) What's your opinion on big occasions such as X-mas, etc?
- Free Stuff Day! And other days Hallmark cums itself.

(25) How do you dress?
- Businesswear. No time for casual.

(26) Favorite Colors?
- Greys, and the shades surrounding. Nothing bright.

(27) Is your hair dyed?
- I can't dye my hair. It won't take.

(28) Organ Donor?
- No. Not comfortable with the concept yet.

(29) Do you fear death?
- In some minor ways... I fear death coming from an unexpected source that kills me slowly and painfully. I fear pain more than death.

(30) What means the most to you?
- Being needed and competent.

(31) Are you popular?
- Well, everyone knows me and likes me at work... But no one invites me to do anything with 'em. So right in between popular and "keep that thing away from me".

(32) Are you social?
- Not particularly... and it's finally starting to grate on me.

(33) Who would you most like to be?
- Some attractive woman with scads of money.

(34) Your biggest dream?
- Winning the lottery... to pay off all my bills, tell my job to take a flying fuck, and meet everyone I've known for years.

(35) What are you afraid of?
- My own inner demons.

(36) Are you happy with the way you look?
- Facially, yes. I'm one handsome mutherfucker with a bod that needs some serious work.

(37) Height/Weight?
- 6'0", 240 lbs.

(38) Do you think your weight is OK?
- My weight's just fine. It's the fat-to-muscle ratio that I dislike.

(39) Is there extra-terrestrial life?
- Of course.

(40) Do you have an obsession?
- Taking care of my finances, once and for fucking all. u.u

(41) Do you feel stressed?
- NO! Not at all! Why would I be stressed? I work retail, after all! *twitch*

(42) What is PLUR?
- Processed Livers, Udders and Onions? Some sort of new mystery meat?

(43) Do you believe in horoscopes?
- No, but they're fun to read anyway.

(44) What starsign are you most like?
- Pisces, which I am, and Scorpio, according to eMode.

(45) Do you believe in the universal right of freedom of speech?
- Censorship belongs the same place last Sunday's breakfast belongs. In the septic tank of the local department store.

(46) Satanism?
- Look at meeeee! I'm eeeeeeevil! u.u

(47) Christianity?
- Look at meeeee! I'm gooooooood! And right! u.u

(48) Do you like school?
- I miss it terribly.

(49) What would you do if you ruled the world for one day?
- Illegalize rampant, blatant and repeated acts of cruel stupidity. And give myself a raise.

(50) Addicted to anything?
- Food. Air. Liquid. Caffiene.

(51) Easy to sleep?
- Nope... Insomniac.

(52) Do you like philosophy and psychology?
- Love 'em. Big discussions, not neccessarily debates, are so much fun.

(53) Who would you want to hurt right now?
- A customer whom I almost jumped on Tuesday.

(54) What book are you reading now?
- 'Etiquette for Outlaws'. Fun, fun book.

(55) What's on your mouse pad?
- Tigerstripes... and the mouse.

(56) Favorite board game?
- Any one of the many Cheapass games.

(57) Favorite magazine?
- Wired. It actually made me excited about the future again.

(58) Favorite smells?
- My parent's cooking. No matter what it is.

(59) Favorite sounds?
- [Censored for Sensitive Ears]

(60) Worst feeling in the world?
- That moment of realization that you have indeed gone over the edge, and you never wanted to...

(61) What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
- Unng. Dammit.

(62) How many rings before you answer the phone?
- The phone never rings. The ringer's off.

(63) Future daughter's name?
- Rhiannon.

(64) Favorite foods?
- Chicken Bisque, Clam Chowder, Quiche.

(65) Do you drive fast?
- When I drive.

(66) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
- Not unless he's eaten.

(67) Storms: cool or scary?
- If it's a cool one, cool. Otherwise, it's a bloody inconvenience.

(68) What was your first car?
- '94 Honda Civic hatchback.

(69) Favorite alcoholic drink?
- Long Island Iced Tea.

(70) Do you eat broccoli?
- As much as I can.

(71) If you could have any job, what would it be?
- Product conceptualizer or Ad man.

(72) Favorite movies?
- Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart, Demolition Man. Quotes froom Fight Club have been running through my head a lot recently.

(73) Are you a lefty or righty?
- Righty.

(74) Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?
- Only when it's really, really dark.

(75) What's under your bed?
- Carpet.

(76) What's your favorite number?
- My lucky numbers are... 3 13 435 56 69 911 n.n

(77) Favorite sport to watch?
- Martial arts tournaments.
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