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[2004] Looking Ahead...

With the Presidential race about to start, it's time to start thinking about whom to vote for.

On one side, over there on the right, waving the Big Dick of Military Supremacy, is George W. Bush.

On the other side, the most likely candidate is Dick Gephardt, a man for whom health care is his wand to wave.

Finally, there's those suckers in the middle... The Nader wanna-bes, from the Green, Socialist, Libertarian and all other political parties imaginable.

Whom should you vote for?

Personally, I'm voting Ventura.

Why? He may not even be running. He really doesn't like the idea of running. But that simply makes him the man for the job. Look at how well Minnesota's doing! Plus, he's an ex-SEAL, so he can wave that Big Dick of Military Supremacy with precision, as opposed to Bush, whom waves it around liberally.

He don't take no shit. He speaks his mind. He's your friend and mine.


[EDIT] In other news, I am amused.

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