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[Survey] Yet another.

Snagged from agermain.

[name] Michael Trevor Eastham.
[location] Olympia, Washington, United States.
[eye color] Blue.
[height] 6'1".
[heritage] Mixed European.
[last cd i listened to] One of my personal mix CDs.
[artist i have the most albums of] The artists I have the most MP3s of are: Tori Amos, They Might Be Giants and Weird Al Yankovic.
[last time i turned on the radio] About two months ago, when the alarm went off. I've since put an old tape in.
[last place i drove to] I personally drove? From Corvallis, OR to Albany, OR and back. 30 mile round trip.
[last vacation i took] Last month. Did absolutely jack shit, and loved every second of it.
[most beautiful place i've ever been to] The Japanese Gardens in Portland, OR.
[country i would never want to visit] Iraq? Somalia? North Korea? Israel? Any of those other countries we send troops to, or may very well in the near future?
[year of my life i would never live over] I have no bloody clue. I have a lot that, if I had the knowledge I do now, would have made life a lot easier.
[last movie i saw in the theatre] The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
[worst roommate] Geoff, aka "Towel Boy."
[most paranoid about] People's opinions of me.
[the person i tell the juicy stuff to first] Usually tarx.
[number of jackets i own] Five. Most are hand-me-downs from my father.
[type of car i wish i had] Any car whatsoever would be nice about now. But as for dream car, it's currently the 2003 Cooper Mini.
[dream job] Anything 9-5, M-F right now. Preferably in the advert design field.
[last kiss] Two minutes ago.
[fave pen] Microns.
[countries i have been to] US and Canada.
[other languages i know phrases in] Japanese, German, Korean, French, Gaelic and Klingon. I can't neccessarily tell you what they mean...
[other language i would love to learn] Japanese.

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