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[Survey] Computer-Created Entertainment

Snitched from agermain, whom ganked it from kitsunepixiemd, whom yoinked it from sakurakasugano...

Video Game Survey

Name/Moniker/Tag/Handle: Michael T. Eastham/Mike/You're It/Kuo

How long have you been playing video games?: 19 years. Wow.

How often do you play video games?: Depends on my mood. From an hour a week to fourty.

How much, monthly, do you spend on video games?: On average, about $5.

What game consoles do you own, currently?: Two PCs, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega Nomad, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, SNES, PSX, another PSX and a PS2.

Which game magazines do you read?: Whichever one tarx brings home, when her job allows her to.

Have you ever gone to a Game Show (i.e., E3, Tokyo Game Show, etc.)?: Anime and furry cons notwithstanding, no.

Would you ever consider working for a video game company?: How many ways can I say 'yes'. Hm.


List your Top Ten All-Time Favorite Video Games: In no particular order...
01.) Streets of Rage
02.) ToeJam and Earl
03.) Shining Force 2
04.) Suikoden 2
05.) Capcom vs. SNK 2
06.) Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII
07.) Final Fantasy VII
08.) Grand Theft Auto III
09.) Mutant League Football
10.) Shenmue

Favorite game character (male): Rugal Bernstein (King of Fighters '94, '95, '98, '02, Capcom vs. SNK 1 & 2)

Favorite game character (female): Blaze Fielding (Streets of Rage)

Favorite game company: SE-GA! c.c

Favorite game mascot: Yeah, I'm a Sonic fan.

Favorite game system: The Genesis, followed by the Dreamcast and then the PS2.

Four favorite game series: In no particular order...
1) Streets of Rage
2) Suikoden
3) Shining Force
4) Mutant League Sports

Favorite game advertisement (TV or magazine): I agree with Dre. THE SNUGGLE BEAR MUST DIE. BattleTanx, yes.

Favorite game genre: Fighting, RPGs or adventure, I'm not sure.

Favorite fighting game: Capcom vs. SNK 2.

Favorite RPG: Suikoden 2.

Favorite racing game: Burnout 2: Point of Impact.

Favorite adventure game: Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance.

Favorite shooter: (Lightgun shooter) Police 911. (Topdown shooter) 1942. (Sidescroll shooter) Metal Slug 3.

Favorite side-scroller: Streets of Rage.

Favorite sports game: Mutant League Football.

Favorite platform game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Favorite party/multi-player game: (Party) You Don't Know Jack. (MP) GoldenEye.

Favorite puzzle game: Bookworm.

Favorite action game: Grand Theft Auto III.

Favorite survival horror game: Galerians, or Parasite Eve.

Favorite game magazine: When I read 'em, PLAY.

Favorite game storyline: Shenmue.

Favorite game ending: Final Fantasy VII.

Favorite game intro: Soul Calibur. One, because you can customize it, and two, if you let it sit long enough, they do kata.

Favorite game music/soundtrack: Streets of Rage, or Pump it Up!.

Favorite game song/tune: 'Primal Eyes' from Parasite Eve.

Favorite game villain: Lan Di, from Shenmue, or Rugal.

Favorite game hero: Solid Snake in MGS2. HOTHOT.

Favorite game heroine: Blaze Fielding. HOTHOTHOT.

Favorite movie based on a game: Well, I'd have to say 'Tomb Raider', as there aren't a lot of options for me to choose from.

Favorite anime based on a game: Shit. Wild ARMs? It's the only one I've seen.

Either Or!

2D or 3D?: SPRITES!

Arcade stick or controller?: No preference, unless it's a fighting game, in which case I want a stick.

Dubbed or subtitled or neither?: Subtitled.

Square or Enix? (The merger, yes, I know. Let's pretend it's false!): Square.

Capcom or Konami?: Capcom.

Capcom or SNK?: SNK. Sneefle.

Mario or Sonic?: Sonic.

Mario or Crash Bandicoot?: It's a lose/lose question here.

Chun-Li or Mai?: Chun Li. She's clothed.

Ryu or Ken?: Ryu.

Megaman or Protoman or Bass?: Kobun.

X or Zero?: Kobun. ^_^

Tekken or Virtua Fighter or Dead or Alive?: Each has their merits, but I think the Tekken series is stronger. VF2, though, was pure fighting goodness.

Resident Evil/Biohazard or Silent Hill?: RE. Guns. But I need a cheat device.

Onimusha or Tenchu?: Tenchu.

Tetris or Columns?: Tetris.

Zelda or Dark Cloud?: I can't say, but I'll still lean towards Dark Cloud.

Odds and Ends

When asked to put your initials in a game, such as for scoring and rankings, what do you put?: KUO, SNK or MTE.

What do you think is the most over-rated game?: Just on a general basis, anything by Nintendo.

Game you'd like to see be made into a feature film (animated or live action): Live Action, Shenmue. Anime, I'd go with Jet Set Radio.

Game series you want to continue: Grand Theft Auto. I'd love to see another jaunt into the past wherein it's 1930's prohibition era.

Game series you want to end: Mario or Zelda.

Game series you want revived: STREETS OF RAGE. OH SEGA, WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME???????? *weeps bitter tears*

Game you'd like to see rehashed with new graphics and features: Mutant League Football.

Import game you wish was translated and released in your respective country: War of Genesis III.

Game you can play for hours, on end, without ever getting bored: Mutant League Football, or ToeJam and Earl.

Game character you'd shag if he/she/it were real: There are so many that I'd be hard pressed to name them all.

Game character you'd use as a punching bag if he/she/it were real: Dan Hibiki. Though I would really like to slap Rose from MGS2 a good one for FAILING TO FOLLOW PROTOCOL.

How do you hold the controller? Do you use just your thumbs? Or do you use the pads of your fingers like a keyboard?: Fingertips usally, unless racing.

What do you think is the hardest game ever?: ToeJam and Earl. You start with three lives, have to wander 25 randomly generated levels, running from insane earthlings with but a few presents to keep you from dying. Tomatoes are your only weapon. You have no saves. Go.

Have you ever yelled at a game?: All the time.

Have you ever laughed out loud at a game?: You're listening to ChatterBox. I'm Lazlow, with open ears and a closed mind...

How about cried? Have you ever cried at a game?: FFX.

Your position when you play---on a chair, couch, floor, bed, or other?: Whatever happens to work at that moment in time.

Everyone has his or her trash-talking moments while playing, but they also have their quirks. An example would be spanking the air in victory or shouting, "WHO'S YOUR DADDY!" What's yours?: To quote, "Suck it, bitch!"

What type of game would you like to see be made?: The complete Shenmue, after the last chapter is made.

Here's a scenario: a game is going to be made with you as the main character. What type of game would it be and who would make the game?: Cross State of Emergency with Incredible Crisis. It'd be weird.

Here's another scenario: you're going to be sent to a remote island for six months, and you can only take one console and one game. What will you take?: A PS2 and one of the GTAs for it. Lets me burn a lot of time.

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