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*Mwa ha ha ha cough hack groan whimper sputter die*

I've been getting quite a reaction to my newest PhoenixMUCK character... Many, many casts like what I've done... and some are disturbed. I like. Heh heh heh.

Victim (Full name: J. Random Nobody) *OOC*
Sort: Player
Gender: Male
Species: Grade A Human
Series: There's not a Game nor a Series that isn't in need of a Victim...
Age: Between 18 and 25
Birthday: Like it matters...
Height/Weight: Variable by incident...
Class: Sputchmonkey!
Alignment: ...In a bodybag by the end of the scene.
Currently Connected.
No mail is waiting.
Short Description: That person who always dies randomly.
Miscellaneous: This is a reusable throwaway character! Do you need someone in your scene to whimper pitifully and still get killed? Call on me! I am happy to die repeatedly! Murder me all you want, evil beings! That's my job! n.n;
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