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Everyone Else is Doing It...

...So it's time I speak my mind.

This is Daddy's War.

Dubya is trying to do that which his father couldn't do: oust Saddam. I think he's an idiot and a bloodthirsty jagoff. He's drawing attention away from Osama bin Laden, and the failure of our military to kill him, by pinpointing someone he can wax... The old nemesis.

The evidence is spotty at best. The links between Al Queda and Iraq is shady, the proof of chemical weapons proliferation isn't solid.

Saddam is a monster, yes. He kills, gasses and tortures his own people. He is a monster we created, one we funded during the Cold War. I'm glad wecare trying to make the wrongs of the past right... I just disagree with the party line.

I love this country. Dubya isn't this country. He's the designated leader by the Supreme Court of the United States, not the people. Over half of the people in this country voted for someone else, most of those for Gore. It's unlikely he'll survive politically to hold a second term.

Nevertheless, no matter my opinion, we are in this military action (I hesitate to call it a war until Congress declares it so; we haven't actually declared war since 1942.). I cannot deny, whilst I disagree with it, that I am forced to support it on a level.

I have friends in the military. Jeff Stockberger, US Navy, is probably in the Gulf. As is likely Ian Carter, US Army. I believe Will Anthony joined the National Guard. Ifso, he's over there. I hope for their safety; I cannot pray as I have no religious beliefs to speak of. I support our fighting forces.

May this end quickly.

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