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I'm Back From My Trip...

...Did you notice I was gone?

Well, the events of my trip weren't majorly exciting, but I shall nevertheless chronicle them for you. Ha. Deal.

HA! I've got you now! :3

But anyway, here's the lowdown...


    I left the house at a few minutes before nine in the morning. Hopped aboard three busses to get to the Amtrak station... an hour and a half before the train arrived. x.x I could have farted around before and paid a bill or gotten some more caffiene or something, but nooooooooo. I had to make sure and show up early. And the train was 7 minutes late.

    The Coast Starlight, by the way, is a very nice train. Had a long, wandering discussion with my seatmate about family, school, and various other things pertaining to Corvallis, Olympia and Alaska. A very intelligent, yet shy young woman that, once comfortable, actually has a lot to say. Didn't actually get around to reading the Hagakure as planned.

    Waited about an hour at the train station for my parents to pick me up... We pulled in early, surprisingly enough. Farted around downtown Portland for a while, picking up a copy of the Wild ARMs 3 Strategy Guide (nowhere to be found in Oly), and then stopping at the Red Star, a very nice bar reminiscent of an old speakeasy.

    I would like to state, for the record, that my former co-worker and manager, Julie Carty (of Sex With Strangers infamy), was indeed correct. Lemon Drops will fuck your shit up. @_@

    Have dinner at Mortons of Chicago. Have my fourth Lemon Drop, and a Long Island Iced Tea. Oh, and a really nice steak. V good.

    Afterwards, the long drive home to Corvallis. We do the gift exchange thingie, and thus I get my Xmas prezzies. I got, in no particular order...
    • Heckler & Koch USP .45 Double Action pistol (HOORJ)
    • Lilo & Stitch on DVD
    • Ice Age on DVD
    • Monsters, Inc. on DVD
    • One of those Intel cleansuit dancing guys on a keychain
    • A watercolor done by my grandmother
    • A cleaning kit, case, and gun lock for the USP
    • 4 pairs of pants
    • Beef jerky
    • A portable MP3 player
    • A DVD player

    I get to meet Stitch, my parent's new dog.

    At this point, Sunday ends. Bedtime. I get to put up with the Attention Whore cat, Smudge, whon decides that I'm really nice to sleep on. c.c




    Hop into the truck, drive to Newport, home of my grandmother. The last year has not been kind to her medically, as she's had two operations, three strokes and a pacemaker implanted. Nevertheless, she is doing well, and is in good (if not slightly morbid) spirits. We talked, had lunch at the Rogue Inn, and left.

    After coming home, my father took me to the LEC to go shooting. I do okay, until my fears and anxieties get in the way. Don't get to half of what I want to when it comes to shooting... But that's okay.

    Have a snacky dinner. Made the onions Jamie Oliver made on the Naked Chef. V good. Watch Lilo & Stitch again, and finally watch Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. I hate myself for being poor and not seeing it in the theater now. x.x Watch all the special featurettes on the LotR disc. Go to bed. Pet the Attention Whore for a half-hour. Fall asleep.


    Lunch at McMenamin's Pub is, as always, v good. From there, we go to see the family's vetrinarian friend's land and horses. Meet Gus, a horse so large that I swear he's really a furry rhino with no horns. He's freaking huge.

    Meet the goat that thinks she's a dog. Meet 6 other horses. Feed one, have the wind kick up a bit and send the flexible electric fence sailing INTO my CHIN. *KZOT* The pain wasn't much, the humiliation was almost too much. Wanted very much to crawl away and cry. After this point, my emotions are under their own control, and not mine.

    Get in contact with an old friend I haven't seen in a year plus, stryypgya. Chat, eat, watch DVD special features, gawk at minature giant robots, discover we're going on parallel lines as far as our dreams of the future are concerned... And that our employment history's looking pretty similar these days. Also: Leave my sunglasses at his place. My orangies. Much sadness.

    Go home, watch more DVD special features, pet the cat for an hour, and fall asleep.


    Pack it all back up. Fix my parent's computer, get a tablet in return (HOORJ). Hop into the truck, and onto the freeway. Have lunch in Lake Oswego, stop off at Top Foods here in Oly, and get dropped off.

    TEH END.

Look, you survived. Wow.
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