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Medical Stuff.

Yesh, It's a little late on the update, I know. BUT.

On Friday, January 17th, I did something to my back at work. On Tuesday, I finally went to the doctor. After two weeks of agony, someone finally told me that the Bon would pay for it. Oh, gee, thanks.

Anyway, the doc told me that it was either a strained muscle, or that it was torn. He's setting me up with physical therapy (I think I'll need to call the office back to find out when... his nursing staff was a little slow on the uptake that day). In the meantime, I have 500mg Naproxen pills (less than my normal dose of Aleve), and methocarbamol 750mg up the yingyang. 1-2 pills, 4 times a day. That's a lot of muscle relaxants.

Also got my Zoloft refilled. Yay.

I'm hoping the painkillers and relaxants kick in soon. I got woken up by a combination of getting kicked, having the covers stolen, the cat grooming violently, and my back screaming. I guess I wasn't supposed to get much rest today.
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