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Work... Feh.

My job sucks... But as much as I dislike it, I can't bear to see it go.

Every day, I spend more time dealing with people for whom I'd rather kill slowly with my bare hands then talk to. I wake up at insanely early hours to go do this. I get paid too little to do this...

Yet I get paid better than most people in my field. And, to to top it off, I have medical, dental and a 401k going. How many 22-year-olds bother investing in their retirement? Not a whole hella lot.

So, I'm on the fence. Do I look for more work, and lose what I've got, or go for the more money and pray it holds out?

I've been with the Bon over a year. I never thought I'd get this far. I never thought I'd have stayed.

I'm a vendor specialist... I get free bennies from Dooney & Bourke... or at least I'm supposed to. n.n;

Problem being, that with all the new layoffs... New employers are going to be less willing to pay me /more/ because I've been in a stable job for a while now. I need more money, yes... Should I just stick it out until past the holidays, and then start hunting?


Caffiene is my friend. z.z

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