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eMode Aplenty...

Got caught up in eMode quizzes recently...

The Ultimate Personality Test - Critic
The Career Makeover - Astronaut
The Celebrity Matchmaker - Cameron Diaz
The Passion Preditor - Lion Tamer
What Breed of Dog Are You? - Bernese Mountain Dog
What's Your Celebrity Look? - Classic
What's Your Movie Mood Tonight? - Action
What's Your Perfect Car? - Minivan
What's Your Stress Style? - Stoic
What's Your Theme Song? - "I Feel Good", James Brown
What's Your True Color? - Brown
Which "Friend" Are You? - Chandler
Which Shoe Fits You? - Comfort Clogs
Who's Your Inner Rock Star - Chris Issak

Are You A Sex God? - Vulcan
Are You A Workaholic? - 50%
Are You High Maintenance? - 15% Material, 35% Emotional, 55% Personal
What's Your Shopping Style? - Bargain Billy

...and I'm not anywhere /NEAR/ done. u.u;
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