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Survey Crippy-Crap.

Stolen from fallofrain.

//series one - about you

---> Name: Michael Trevor Eastham
---> Birth date: March 13th, 1979
---> Birthplace: Good Samaritan Hospital, Corvallis, Oregon
---> Current Location: Olympia, WA
---> Eye Color: Blue
---> Hair Color: Rusted sienna.
---> Right or Lefty: Righty.
---> Zodiac Sign: Pisces.
---> Innie or Outtie: Innie.

// series two - describe

---> Your heritage: Chop-Suey. Dutch, German, Irish, Scottish, English and probably a lot more.
---> The shoes you wore today: L.L.Bean slippers, Dockers dress shoes and Turntec crosstrainers.
---> Your hair: Shorter than it's ever been.
---> Your eyes: They see. With better than perfect clarity.
---> Your weakness? Online quizzes.
---> Your fears: Disappointing my parents.
---> Your perfect pizza: Barbecue chicken pizza with zucchini, broccoli, garlic and extra cheese, with pesto sauce.
---> One thing you'd like to achieve: I want to finish school and get a very nice paying job doing something I like.

// series three - what is

---> Your most overused phrase on aol\aim: Grak. x.x
---> Your thoughts first waking up: Mnh.
---> The first feature you notice in the opposite (or same) sex: Hair.
---> Your best physical features: My forearms.
---> Your bedtime: It depends on my schedule.
---> Your greatest accomplishment: Losing 40 pounds.
---> Your best memory: Nothing really stands out.

// series five - do you

---> Smoke: On occasion. Cloves mostly, but the occasional menthol ultra-light passes my lips.
---> Cuss: Who the fuck do you think I am? Like fucking hell I cuss. Shit.
---> Sing well: Yes.
---> Take a shower everyday: Without fail.
---> Want to go to college: I want to go back, yah. The Art Institute of Seattle will soon have to deal with me.
---> Like high school: Certain things about it I liked. Certain things about it I hated. There are some fond memories there, but I wouldn't want to have to repeat it.
---> Want to get married: Not sure anymore.
---> Type with your fingers on the right keys: Sometimes. Not usually.
---> Believe in yourself: Sometimes. Not usually.
---> Get motion sickness: Urk.
---> Think you're attractive: Sometimes. Moreso as of late. Dropping almost 20% of my total body weight helps.
---> Think you're a health freak: No. But I am selling the Atkins diet to more people than I sell handbags.
---> Get along with your parents: Wonderfully. We're like best friends.
---> Like thunderstorms: Love them.
---> Play an instrument: Kinda sorta not really. Bass guitar, trombone. I was in a garage band once as lead kazoo!

// series six - in the past month, did/have you

---> Drank alcohol: No.
---> Smoke(d): Yes.
---> Done a drug: No.
---> Made Out: Yes.
---> Go on a date: Yes.
---> Go to the mall?: Yes. I fucking WORK there.
---> Been on stage: No.
---> Been dumped: No.
---> Gone skating: No.
---> Made homemade cookies: No. It'd break the diet.
---> Been in love: Yes.
---> Gone skinny dipping: No.
---> Dyed your hair: No.
---> Stolen anything: Time.

// series seven - have you ever?

---> Played a game that required removal of clothing?: Yes.
---> If so, was it mixed company: Yes.
---> Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Yes.
---> Been caught "doing something": Yes.
---> Been called a tease: Yes.
---> Gotten beaten up: Nevar! Evaryoen faers my mad Teakwandoh skillz0r!
---> Shoplifted: No.
---> If so, did you get caught: Well, since I've never shoplifted, I could never have gotten caught.
---> Changed who you were to fit in: Just as everyone else does.

// series eight - the future

---> Age you hope to be married: This is in limbo.
---> Numbers and Names of Children: Maybe when I can support them.
---> Describe your Dream Wedding: I haven't thought that far ahead.
---> What age do you want to die: 98, shot in the back by a jealous 20-year-old husband.
---> What do you want to be when you grow up: Self-sufficient.
---> What country would you most like to visit: Japan.
---> Current Clothes: Robe, slippers.
---> Current Mood: Strangely unamused.
---> Current Taste: Diet Pepsi.
---> Current Hair: Wild.
---> Current Annoyance: Work.
---> Current Smell: Singed Cat Hair.
---> Current thing you ought to be doing: Getting ready for work.
---> Current Desktop Picture: My self-made MDoAR desktop image.
---> Current Favorite Groups: Jinusean, Bad Religion, Bloodhound Gang, Hikaru Uteda.
---> Current Book: I'm currently between books. Last one was Dr. Atkin's New Diet Revolution.</i>
---> Current DVD/VHS In Player: UHF.
---> Current Worry: Money.
---> Current Crush: PIE.

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