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My name is Michael Trevor Eastham. I was born on March 13th, 1979, to Marcy Lee and Daniel Nelson Eastham, in the town of Corvallis, Oregon (Or-eh-gun, for you East Coast-born people). I spent the first four months of my life in an apartment, before my parents found a house and began to lease it.

There I grew from an infant to an adult... I was put into daycare while both of my parents worked. Once I reached schooling age, I went to Wilson Elementary (K-5) and did not-so-well in school. Labelled early as a 'Gifted Underachiever', I rarely did my homework and tended to get into trouble because of it, both at home and in school. I never was held back, and somehow managed to survive having a rather thin skin and being a fat little fuck. I was involved in extracurricular sports despite being rather piss-poor at them. I took aikido for a year during third grade, but quit after interest left.

Later, I went to Cheldelin Middle School (6-8), and continued my lack of school-based attention. This continued to get me into trouble. I played football my 7th grade year, and was otherwise a social outcast. I got into Role-Playing Games my eighth grade year, sending me on a trip that I still enjoy today. I began inquiries into various conspiracies, specifically focussing in on the JFK assassination. I was in band for a year (I played... well, that's a loose translation of it... the trombone), and choir for two. I began to take tae kwon do my last year, and took it until I left for college.

After that time passed, I continued to Cresent Valley High School (9-12). Here I discovered that I really stunk at football (though it took me until my sophmore year to realize it). I went pagan, went goth, went cyberpunk... of which only the Cyberpunk survived. I began to BBS my freshman year, and quickly got burned by a young woman whom misrepresented herself to me. I began a foray into Computer-Generated Imagery and Video Editing that spanned two years. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident the summer before my freshman year that left me with a femoral compound fracture, and prevented my from obtaining my brown belt in TKD. It would be a year before I would attain it. My senior year, the computer lab got internet access... I was one of their first 50,000 users. I signed up for a Geocities site, then another, and another... Then Angelfire, and continued on. I taught myself enough HTML that by the end of the year, I took an experimental HTML class, and taught as much of the class as the teacher did (I basically got credit for learning frames. HOORJ.). I had to be forced into getting my driver's license, but enjoyed it thoroughly after I got it.

I got my first paying job that summer, with a temporary agency that coordinated an Employee Dependant Summer Hire program for Hewlett-Packard. That summer I was an Administrative Assistant, and performed many rather basic duties while working part-time. I loved the job, and would go to a non-paying job that I also loved after that... Where I worked for a local comic book shop for $3/hr in-store credit. It paid for my recently-aquired anime addiction, but was otherwise worthless.

The summer ended, and I departed Corvallis and landed in Olympia, Washington, at the Evergreen State College. I got a job as a parking lot security officer for the college. I failed the first quarter, but met a gentleman that would transform my world again... He introduced me to VirtuaMUCK III, where he played Doctrine_Dark. I took Blaze Fielding there, and would never turn away from MUCKdom. I joined MUCK after MUCK at the request of others, eventually finding myself at FurryMUCK, where Kuonoji became a park staple. I took heed of the nick I had been given, and shortened it to Kuo. I met quite a few people outside of MUCKing, including tarx. The third quarter of that year, she and I shared an apartment with two other people. An attraction was already there, but we decided to not do anything due to the awkwardness it might cause.

School sucked ass, and I got a one-year suspention for poor grades. I came back to Corvallis to another Summer Hire job as a process operator during a production freeze. Never have I made $10.90/hr, and it was probably the easiest job I'll ever have. I met and fell in love with a girl named Rachel that August, and we broke up the day after Christmas. That New Year's was the first time I'd ever gotten snockered, and it was at friend's request. I met a group of anime freaks and we formed a fansub group, only to have it fall flat when the entire club's collection was stolen from the back of the President's girlfriend's car. This single act began the slow death of my ability to enjoy anime. When your $500 investment walks away, it sours you on the concept.

I met DarkKitten iRL. I met Ashryn iRL. I mediated both sides of the breakup. I harboured attraction to DK.

That March, I started at BT Office Products, delivering the whole of HP's office products alone. The difficulty of my job kept ramping up, and after my 90-day-cum-120-day probationary period, I was let go. I cried [NOT GAY]. Later, I was hired onto the Toys-Backwards-R-Us crew. I sold my car. I got a motorcycle. Then summer ended, and I went back to Olympia for school.

I stayed with tarx for a couple weeks before I could move into the dorms again. Things... happened. We became a couple, and went to ConiFur II. While I would like to attend another, I'm not sad that I've missed two-plus since. Met Groat.

After the quarter, funding ended, and tarx and I moved in together. Nine months later, I got a job with the Bon, where I learned a new synonym with misanthropy... retail. Two years have passed since then, and life hasn't changed all that much.

Now you've heard the story. Time for the other middling details that the quick rundown doesn't quite cover.

I'm somewhere between Taoist agnostic and atheist, having never really felt the need to believe in something other than my own abilities and the advice provided unto me by my parents. My parents and I have a wonderful relationship, more like friends than the parent-child dynamic. I've called them by their first names since I was five.

The only belief I hold is that, with hard work and determination, things will get better. But I also hld that Murphy's Law is very true, and like all natural laws, immutable. Otherwise, I'm all about ideas and the ability to change those ideas once better evidence has been presented. This helps me step away from an argument and see all sides from an exterior view, no matter how embroiled I am in it. Thus, if I'm being a complete and utter ass, I can figure out how to back down gracefully.

Also: I like to remain neutral. I am a mediator, and prefer to hear all sides of an argument before I get myself embroiled.

I play video games obsessively... I'm currently working on Pump It Up! (Korean dancing yummy goodness) in the arcade, and GTA: Vice City at home. My musical tastes really vary, from Korean Hip-Hop, to Classic Rock, to traditional Taiko drums, to electronica.

I'm bisexual, but am currently involved with tarx.

I make a mean quiche.

I've never drank any soda other than diet soda. I can't stand the sugar content.

I'm out of ideas for this. So I shall stop now.

I write this because I've been informed that some of you don't really know who I am.

I thought I knew most of you.

For some, this is not so.

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