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Thanks to tarx and neomeruru, I've been exposed to the Advertising Slogan Generator It provided me some humor before work. Here's some of the more interesting ones...

  • Tell Them About The Victim, Mummy.
  • Any Time, Any Place, Tae.
  • Rekka-Lickin' Good.
  • That's Handy, Harry! Stick It In The Vincent.
  • The Future's Bright. The Future's Rugal.
  • So Easy, No Wonder Flik is #1.
  • Unzip a Duaergh.
  • Don't You Just Love Being In Malia?
  • P-P-P-Pick Up A Turk.
  • Loves the Vincent You Hate.
  • Watch Out, There's a Kuo About.
  • Reach Out and Touch Blaze.
  • Ryuji Just Feels Right.
  • It's That Locust Feeling.
  • Big Chocolate Loretta.
  • Chapel Saves Your Soul.
  • The Kobun Goes Straight to your Head.
  • A Michael Works Wonders.
  • Better Ingredients, Better Eastham.
  • Semper 435.

Have fun with it.

[EDIT] I spent too much time on it, apparently. I'm late for work. >_
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