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I tell myself it's just my
persecution complex acting up.

Why is my every move
scrutinized? My breaks
monitored? Why are managers
creating falsehoods about me?

You're just being paranoid.
No one's out to get you fired.

They hired this new girl, whom
I'm supposed to train up and
make as good as me. Julie
told me she's just a temp.
She tells me she's a permanent.

She could just be confused.
She's not your replacement.
Trust Jules... She's never
lead you wrong before.

Has she?

My frst manager was fired
soon after I was placed.
She had a major fight with
the store manager regarding
me... That fight became
part of the reason she lost
her job.


Life has gotten progressively
harder on me since Mikalah was
terminated. She was well-
loved by many of the managers,
and I know for a fact that I
was the major reason she
stopped coming to work.

They don't hold it against you.

Welcome to High School v2.06.
Where they can flush your whole
life, not just your social one.

Fuck this. I need out. Before
I become the next VA Sniper.

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