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ANGST Will Save Your Soul. Really.

A quick synopsis of my life ATM. As if anyone actually reads this crap.

My job is driving me nuts. This is nothing new, really, but still. I can't stand people most days anymore, and the fact that the Bon's telling me to GRAB MY ANKLES isn't helping. They overpaid me on my commission, and I had to pay them back everything that didn't get yanked by taxes... As I have no checking account, I had to pay for a money order. I LOSE. Then, with Vendor Fair coming up soon, they didn't want to pay for my hotel room, so I almost got THE DICKING again. Luckily, my former co-worker Melissa lives up in Seattle, so I have a couch to sleep upon.

tarx's job is driving her insane. Her boss is an incompetant moron whom has too much stress going on in his life to be the manager of people now. Her hours have been cut, after being forced to GRAB HER ANKLES for not having the foresight to spontaneously train herself. A couple months ago, she injured her arm, and it's not healing. She needs to find a new job with health care so she can go find WTF is up with it, and maybe treat her depression as well.

We both need new jobs. It's rent week, and money's become tighter than size 4 pants on a 300 pound woman. Food's running short, I have a whole $0.02 in the bank, and I'm not sleeping well because of the stress therein. My temper's run short... The fact that I'm able to not snap at everyone is a testament to my strength of will. I'm just sorry that my will breaks on occasion, tarx.

jaiden didn't have the opportunity to say g'bye before heading off with esche to IL. Hope the trip's Good_Eventful.

I managed to pass a level in Pump It Up at the local Tilt. @Whee.

I'm on Zoloft now, at 50mg. For some odd reason, when I first got it, I was on 25mg, and my insurance would only pay for 50mg tabs. I had to break these apart to take my dose. Now that I'm on 50mg, they only cover 100mg tabs. If I jump to 75, just watch. "Your insurance only covers 25mg tablets, so you have to take 3 a day." o_o;

I am used to a better standard of living than this. I need to pull my ass out of this rut, and get to doing something better, or I'm going to go insane. There are so many nifty things I want, so many bills I need to pay, and so many damn things I should do...

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