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Well, I got my commission statement the other day.

Grand total of my cheque-to-be? $0.00.

So no mommyboard.

Plus, all my money went into the loverly pockets of the fat-assed morons at my apartment complex. I dropped $700 at their feet... $200 of which was an emergency loan from a good friend.

The now-current breakdown of my $200-ish a week paycheque is this:

  • $150 a week goes to the apartment complex.
    Cash remaining: $50-ish
  • $25 a week to my friend for bailing my arse out.
    Cash remaining: $25-ish
  • $25 a week goes to various bills I've accrued... Power, Phone, Discover, MasterCard, Student Loans, etcetera.
    Cash remaining: Zilch

I'm applying for food stamps on Monday, to ease the financial burden upon myself. Also, I'm looking into moving to a rent-controlled place that bases it's prices on your income. With the Merylvix pulling in an extra $300-ish a month, too, that caps our monthly income at less than 1200 a month. Half-plus going to the apartment.

Life is fun when money's in a crunch, yis.

And even more fun when your job has begun to disgust you. x.x

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