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What Circus Side Show Freak Are You? Fire Eater/Breather
What Does Your Fortune Hold? ...You kinda hafta see this one. o_o;
What Movie Symbolism Are You? Chock Full O'...
What Kind of Wing Are You? Broken Wing
What Goth Type Are You? TechGeek Goth
What Anime Villain Are You? Balrog
Which Dead or Alive Character Are You? Helena
Hot Hot FF Yaoi Love Slave! Sephiroth
Which Lilo & Stitch Character Are You? Captain Gantu
Who's Your Rocky Horror Alter-Ego? Riff-Raff
Which of the Mayfair Witches are You Most Like? Michael Curry
Which Character from The Last Unicorn Are You? Lady Amalthea

I always feel like... somebody's watching meeeeeeee...Collapse )

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