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I'll edit this for the list later. Lots of quizzes, little time.

What type of girl are you? Avalanche chick or Shinra Bad Girl? Check it out By yrena and usawusa

My bumper sticker reads:

Yes, you.
Take the quiz.

This dynamic character is singleminded, and determined to achieve their goals
in life.

What Obernewtyn Character
are you?



Teknoguilders are the Misfits who are curious about the way the world works. They are fasinated by inventions and studying the old time. Teknoguilders also posess telekinetic powers, and can move things with thier minds. Teknoguilders are great to have around, as they think logically, and analytically working through problems to find a good solution for all.



Healers are gentle people, gifted with the ability to heal others with the strength of their own minds. They can examine a person's body and aura, helping them to recover from injury or sickness. Healers never put themselves first, and can be generous to a fault.

is your Misfit Talent?

My Favorite Male Part Is:

The Arm: Strong and protective.

Good for slave labour too...

Find out your favorite male body part!

My Favorite Female Part Is:

The Leg: Toned and sexy.

And they never run out of energy,

if you know what I mean.

Find out your favorite female body part!

The B-Movie That Suits Me Is:

Mr. Vampire: Hong Kong, like Hollywood, is not

known for creativity. Although similar to A Chinese

Ghost Story
, this movie is unique in many ways.

Well written and played out, this funny horror is a true


Find out which b-movie suits you.

I Am The Sex Toy:

G-Spot Vibrator: Simple and

to the point. I know how you like it

and thats how I do it. Not much else

to say about myself.

Find out what sex toy you are.


I Am The 3rd Party:

The Reform Party: A shell of

your former self, you are a bit of a

has-been. You had the potential to

take the country by storm. You even

had a governer, as well as a good run

for president. But you were fractured

and split into three parties. Ross Perot,

Jesse Ventura, and Pat Buchanan had too

different views to stick together. When

Pat Buchanan wrested control of you, you

lost all respect. You know Buchanan is an

idiot if a former wrestler has more respect

then him. It was nice while it lasted.

Find out what 3rd party you are!

Am I The Greatest Song In The World?

Nay: I am merely a bad cover of a good cover

of the greatest song in the world!

Are you the greatest song in the world?


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