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What Biohazard Character Are You? Albert Wesker
What's Your Sexual Personality? Kinky
What Was Your Past Life? Philosopher
What Magical Girl Are You? Kusakabe Marron, aka Kaito Jeanne (from Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne)
What Fuzzy Creature Are You? Fox
What Video Game Cliche Are You? Evil Mastermind

With the personality of a dead fish and mannerisms of a heartless, cruel tyrant whose only love is for yourself and your ambitions in life, you're the sort who often distances themselves from the rest of the human race. You only look out for number one, that being yourself. So long as that which you set out to do is accomplished flawlessly, you don't care who or what you step on to get to the top. Personal sacrifice is justified only if you are rewarded in the end, even if it costs you your very humanity. You're also the sort to sell out to the highest bidder, crushing all who dare get in between your fame (or infamy) and fortune. Who needs friends and comrades, anyway? Congratulations. You're one cruel son of a bitch...and a badass mothafucka. </td>

What Biohazard character are YOU most like?

quiz by kotoludi

Whats Your Sexual Personality?
this quiz was made by Val

What Was Your PastLife?

You are Kusakabe Marron | Kaito Jeanne

You are generous and talented, though often widthdrawn. You tend to have just a few close friends, rather than many. You appear very cheerful and enthusiastic, but struggle to keep up with what others expect of you. In the end, your perseverance and sacrifices help you pull through.

Take the "What Magic Girl are you?" Quiz


What fuzzy creature are you?


Find out what anime character cliche you are.

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