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I Is

Michael is factory engraver for High Standard, Lone Star Rifle Company.
Michael is a nice looking boy who is profoundly deaf and communicates through American Sign Language.
Michael is a man of extraordinary talents.
Michael is chosen one of People Magazine's Top 50 Bachelors!
Michael is quite an ordinary tomcat with its own catlike view of the world.
Michael is confused, lost, delirious (as usual).
Michael is not about flashy miracles, signs and wonders.
Michael is the kind of guy you love to hate.
Michael is legally dry, which means that no alcohol is allowed.
Michael is one of the world's leading experts on helping people find their soulmates.

Kuo is a professor of industrial and electrical engineering.
Kuo is a Chinese fruit in the cucumber, melon, squash, and gourd family.
These days, Kuo is seen by some as a fully paid-up member of the establishment.
Kuo is a major talent, with a tone that makes one sit up and take notice.
Although he demonstrates remarkable piloting skills, Kuo is searching for something to believe in.
Kuo is a Swahili phrase for "Circle of Honor."
Kuo is used as a natural sweetener.
Kuo is suspected of covering up -- and perhaps destroying -- evidence important to the investigation.
Kuo is one of the most overlooked accomplishments in modern science fiction.
Kuo is a master at Hawaiian Ki Ho'alu.

Vincent is very, very bitter.
Vincent is unable to organize his life or set up a new studio.
Vincent is nice when his aunt comes to see him, but imagines dipping her in wax for his wax museum.
Vincent is persuaded not to return to England.
Vincent is restless, and feels uncomfortable about the criminal lifestyle he is embracing.
Vincent is my watchdog, my Guardian Angel, my friend and confidant.
Vincent is lurking.
Vincent is getting a big personal charge out of all the skulduggery.
Vincent is the kind of guy who knows which way the wind is blowing.
Vincent is guilty of murder, and decides to fake his own death, using Clay's look-alike body as the victim of an automobile explosion.

Blaze is a very over-stable driver that is great into a headwind and for long s-curve shots.
Blaze is Year 2000 Compliant.
Blaze is a provider of innovative Internet solutions that bring businesses closer to customers.
Blaze is like a one-night stand.
Blaze is sure to tame you savage beasts.
Blaze is always ready to sit in your lap and cuddle.
Blaze is a chafing dish fuel principally used to heat prepared foods for buffets, banquets, and catered functions.
Blaze is fun, but can get intense at times.
Blaze is improving vital e-business services for a wide spectrum of customers.
Blaze is a lover of things alive, and pleads their cause with every word.

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