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More of the same. Compatibility Test

Your match with Cat
you are 82% similar
you are 81% complimentary

How Compatible are You with me?

Other tests...

What Type of Villain Are You? Evil Genius
How Jedi Are You? Jedi Master
What Jelly Belly Flavor Are You? Pina Colada
Which MegaMan X Character Are You Most Like? Alia
How Jealous Are You? 18%
Which Jhonen Vasquez Character Are You? Gaz
Which Bjork Song Are You? Human Behaviour

What Type of Villain are You? /

:: how jedi are you? ::

What Jelly Belly flavor are you? I'm -

Find your flavor here!

Hey Rockman/Megaman X fans! Take the
"Which Mega Man X character are you most alike to?"

quiz by airisu.

6% - 20%

18% of me is filled with jealousy. Aren't you JEALOUS?

Which Jhonen Vaquez character are you? By EmReznor.

My Bjork Song is Human Behaviour! </a>
Human Behaviour is your song, and you hate the meaning of
those two words. God, aren't humans stupid?
You sure seem to hate them, and have every
right to. After all, aside from the people
who like you, why should you bother with
them? You are very cynical, but it makes
you extremely aware. A pack of you could
spark a revolution!

This test was created by Zid! Visit my Livejournal zidanime
or my Deadjournal nexttolastsong

Take the test HERE!


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