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All I ever post anymore seems to be tests.

I can't bring myself to write as of late... Everything I'd write about has me thinking poorly of myself for even considering writing... like it's all just BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBITCHWHINEMOANBLAHBLAHFUCKINBLAH, and no other content. It must just be the state of my being for the time being.

Roleplay, as of late, hasn't been that inspiring. I can't really bring myself to do it, in fact. Like Dre and Ashi, I think I just hit RP burnout.

Something in my life needs to change soon, or I'm gonna lose everything that entertained me.

Can't draw. No inspiration.
Can't sing. Voice shot.
Can't dance. Foot in severe pain.
Can't roleplay. Burnt out.
Can't create.
Can't play.
Can't breathe.
Can't exist.
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