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Which Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Character Are You? Shu Lien Yu (Michelle Yeoh)
How Do You Use Magic? Bard
Which Episode II Character Are You? Amidala
What Toe Are You? o_O~ Two
Which Evangelion Child Are You? Suzuhara Touji
What Koi Variety Are You? Kohaku
What's Your DDR Theme Song? Butterfly
What's Your CoCo Theme Song? Zi Ji (I Myself)
Who's Your DBZ Guy? Piccolo
What Love Hina Girl Are You? Urashima Hakura

i'm shu lien yu!

Which Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Character are you? Quiz by jiaolong

You are a Bard!

Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo

which Episode II character are you?

Queen of Naboo. You could have a split personality - simply to hide who you really are. You are extremely polite and gentle. However, if needs be, you will take action and can be a very good leader. You have the power to make people believe in you - use this power. The one you love could also end up being the one you hate.

Which Toe Are You?

Which Toe Are You?

Which Evangelion Child Are You?

Which Evangelion Child Are You?

Which Koi Variety Are You?
You'll probably love
Which Koi Variety Are You?

Butterfly: Spry, cheeky and flirtatious! You love Asian pop culture and thrive on Pocky and candy colours. You enjoy attention lavished upon your pretty self. You want a partner who knows how to have fun. No wallflowers for you! What's your DDR theme song?

Zi Ji (I Myself): You understand the need for people to respect each other and be true to themselves. Your strengths lie in your ability to see your own faults and that you are humble enough to improve yourself. Your honesty and goodness of heart draw only the sincerest friends to you. ADVICE: Being able to see your own faults can be a double-edged sword. Understand that there are people around you who love you, and don't let your bad points deter you from loving yourself. What's your CoCo theme song?

Who's your DBZ guy?

Who's your DBZ guy?

Which Love Hina Girl Are You?

Simply knowing you are there gives others a sense of security and continuity. You are a woman of few words and much wisdom, and the capacity to see beyond the surface that others are distracted by. However, you tend to find distractions for yourself to keep you from thinking about the bad times in your life. Try to solve your problems as soon as you can, so you can live life in genuine happiness. Which Love Hina Girl Are You?


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