Four Thirty Five (435) wrote,
Four Thirty Five


01. Starting Time: 03:37AM
02. Full Name: Michael Eastham
03. Middle Name: Trevor
04. School: n/a
05. Hair color: Sienna
06. Eyes: Blue.
07. Height: 6'0"
08. Siblings: Nein.
09. Ever Been So Drunk You Blacked out: Nein.
10. Missed School Because It Was Raining: Nein.
11. Set Any Body Part On Fire For Amusement: Yes. Hand. Doused in vodka.
12. Kept a Secret From Everyone: Yeah. Like everyone in their right mind.
13. Had An Imaginary Friend: Nein.
15. Cried During A Flick: Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor. Maybe another, but I don't remember.
16. Ever Liked A Teacher or had a teacher like you: Like THAT? Nein.
17. Ever Thought An Animated Character was hot: I watch anime.
18. Ever Prank Called Someone: Nein.
19. Been On Stage: Theatre classes. Band concerts. Choir concerts.
20. Shampoo: Cheap shit.
22. Colors: Black, grey, silver, blues.
23. Day/Night: I'd love to be nocturnal again.
24. Kind of music: Electronica holds a special place in my heart.
25. Lace Or Satin: Satin.
26. Cartoon Character: Nicholas D. Wolfwood. ^^
27. Have a bf/gf: Ayup.
28. Like Anyone: Ayup.
29. Who's The Loudest friend: Jeremy Orman.
30. Who Is The Shyest friend: Me.
31. Who do you go to advice for: My mother.
32. Who do you cry with: Me, myself and I.
33. Been mean: Ayup.
34. Been Sarcastic: Me? Sarcastic? Naah.
35. Talked To Someone you have a crush on: Hell yah. Never about that, but...
36. Missed Someone: All the time.
37. Hugged Someone u Liked: Yes. Even 'special-hugged'. n.n;
39. Laughed Until You Cried: Not in some time.
40. Watched A Sunrise/Sunset: No.
41. Went To The Beach At Night: No.
42. Are You Happy: Iie.
43. Are You Talking To Someone Online: Not currently.
44. God/Devil: !Care.
45. The Big Bang Theory: Boom shaka lakka lakka BOOM.
46. Heaven/Hell: Let's Rock! (/Guilty Gear Reference)
47. Who Named You: My parents, I'd suppose.
48. When Was The Last Time You showered: Yesterday.
49. What Is Right Next To You?: Computer, miscellaneous papers, my watch, a die-cast Benton County (OR) Sheriff's Office patrol car on the monitor, and Nicholas D. Wolfwood pointing his big cross-cannon at the face of Monev The Gale. n.n;
50. What Is Your Computer desk made of? Vaneer and plywood.
51. What Are The Last 4 Digits In Your Phone Number: 0-ELZ.
52. Who Do You Wanna Spend The Rest Of Your Life With? Dunno. Long time.
53. How Many Buddies Do You Have On Your List: !Care.
54. How's The Weather Right Now: Cold. Dark.
55. How Do You Eat Oreos: Bite, chew. Bite, chew.
56. Favorite song: It's highly variable.
61. Food: Chicken cordon bleu.
62. Movies: Lots.
63. Are You Too Shy To Ask A Girl/Guy Out: Yes and no.
64. If You Could Change Your Name What Would It Be: Dunno.
65. What will Your First Son's Name Be: Anything but David. My family is overrun by Davids. They're like Zerg.
66. Daughter's Name Will Be: Rhiannon.
67. Favorite Drink: Diet Pepsi.
68. Do You Like Scary Or Happy Movies: Happy.
69. Do you Consider Cheerleading A Sport: Yes.
70. Do you want your Friends To Do This And Send It back?: I don't care.
71. Time Ended: 03:59AM

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