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Late on This Kick

Entre! Avaunt!

Full Name - Michael Trevor Eastham
Age - 22
Nicknames - Mike, Red Mike, Kuo, Da Otta, etc.
Sex - Male
Birthday - March 13
Where Do You Live - Olympia, WA, USA
Are You A Flirt - *whistles innocently*
Shoe Size - 10w
Hair Color - Red
Eye Color - Blue
Parents Names - Daniel and Marcy
Righty Or Lefty - Righty with leftist tendencies
Hobbies - ...No time for that now. 'Cept yoyo.
What's Your Sign - Pisces
You Go To For Advice - Online. Best people there.
You've Dreamt About - Very few... My dreams typically elude me.
You Tell Your Dreams To - Merylvix, sometimes others.
You Tell Secrets To - My Palm m100. Security goooood.
Chocolate Milk Or Hot Chocolate - Milk does a body good.
Mc Ds Or hungry jacks - Where the? HJ? No clue. But Mickey-D's is avoided.
Marry Perfect Lover Or Perfect Friend? - Friend.
Root Beer or Dr Pepper - Rooooooot Beeeeeeeeeer.
Sappy/Action/Comedy/Horror - Comedy/Action. Sappy makes me go alla wandery, and horror is pointless.
Coffee/Cappuccino/Espresso/Tea - Cappuccino and Coffee. Straight of ANY of them, though, makes me gag.
Cats Or Dogs - Cats. Dogs are cute, but I don't wanna deal. Then again, the same can be said of cats...
Mud Or Jello Wrestling - Neither, thank you. My desire t' stay clean would overcome the desire to try either.
With Or Without Ice Cubes - Without.
Milk Chocolate/Dark Chocolate/White Chocolate - Milk. White can be ocky, Dark isn't sweet enough.
Sunny Or Rainy - Overcast. Sun makes me combust. Rain depresses me.
Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn - Fall, early spring.
Vanilla or Chocolate - Choklit.
Skiing Or Boarding - Never done either.
Biking Or Blading - Bike. Never bladed.
Cereal Or Toast - Toast.
Night or day? - Nacht.
Gloves Or Mittens - Leather Gloves.
Dressed Or Undressed - Dressed.
Chewing Gum Or Hard Candy - Gum.
Motor Or Sail Boat - I hate the water.
Colour - Royal Purple and Cobalt Blue.
Number - 3 & 13.
Fav Subject - Creative Writing.
Sport to watch - ...............Golf.
Alcoholic Drink - Mike's Hard Lemonade.
Sound - (Censored For Sensitive Ears)
Smell - Good cooking.
Truth Or Dare - Truth.
Ocean Or Pool - Pool.
Cake Or Pie - Cake.
Silver Or Gold - Silva.
Diamonds Or Pearls - Diamond cuts Pearl! Diamond wins!
Shaken or stirred - Stirred.
Taco Or Burrito - Burrito.
Armageddon Or Independence Day - ID4 all the way, baby.
Sunrise Or Sunset - I like 'em both. Good furs, them.
Crushed Ice Or Cubed - Cubed.
Pizza Or Beef - Decisions, decisions...
Ice Cream Or Ice Cream Bar - Ice Cream.
Did you like school or hate it? - Love it, miss it.
Do you like to talk on the telephone? - Not if I can help it. But it's better than not talking to my parents period.
Do you like to dance? - Yes. Do I do it well? That's another story.
Have you ever been skinny dipping? - Heyl no.
Ever thought you were gonna die? - Heyl yes.
Have you ever been high? - Whoa. Like, dude.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals? - Currently? Only if the cat's eaten.
Have you ever broken/fractured a bone ? - Heyl yes. Left pinky, right hand (punched someone), and the big daddy FEMORAL COMPOUND FRACTURE! Yah!
Do you have any piercings? - Two. One purposeful, the other... see above. n.n;
Where? - Ear and leg.
Do you consider yourself a good listener?. - Since I hardly speak... Ja.
Can you swim? - Hai.
Do you sing in the shower? - Rarely.
Do you think cheerleading is a sport? - Is ballroom dancing a sport? They're both just choreography...
Have you ever stolen anything? - Yes. A 'Garbage Pail Kids' card from a friend when I was seven.
What color is your toothbrush? - Teal. Surprise, surprise.
What kind is it? - Oral-B Reach. I think. It's not handy.
What's your worst injury ever? - Let's see... The FEMORAL COMPOUND FRACTURE might apply here.
What's the hardest thing about growing up? - Your head.
Ever been in love? - Yes. Currently.
What are you wearing right now? - Grey microfiber dress pants, a tan microsuede dress shirt, Sketchers dress shoes, sox and a small layer of sweat. 'Tis hot out.
Favorite place to be? - Anywhere above 60 but below 75.
What do you wear to bed? - Nuffin.
What do you look for in a guy/girl? - A pulse... c.c;

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