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Three Guesses What This Post Will Be.

Which Never-Ending Story Character Are You? Falkor
What's Your Emotion? Neutral
Who Are You Most Like? Mike, the New Zealander
How Evil Are You? 30% Evil
How Gay Are You? 40% Gay
Which Kiss Are You? French kiss
Which 8-Bit Theater Character Are You? Black Belt

What Never Ending Story character are you?Yeah, Ceni did this.

Find your emotion!

Who are YOU most like?

You are 30% evil! [?]

You're still on the good side of 50%, but you're gaining on it. You're not as good as you should be, but you're good ALMOST all of the time. There's only an occasional time when evil takes over you, but when it does...

How Gay Are YOU?

Which Kiss are You?

Which Kiss Are You?

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