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  • Сб, 05:06: RT @philoquotes: When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. ~ Confucius http: ...
  • Сб, 06:01: While I love City of Heroes (almost 8 years now), I think I have never loved an MMO more than SWTOR. I want to have its babies.
  • Сб, 06:03: Hope Paragon Studios takes cues from TOR (voice), APB (chargen) & adds more dynamic combat to the new City MMO they're building.
  • Сб, 06:03: It'd become the best game in the history of ever.
  • Сб, 10:13: Woot, my bounty hunter stopped dead in her tracks by a bug that affects only female characters. Joy. #SWTOR
  • Сб, 11:43: Everyone else gets snow. I get rain. #andicetonight
  • Сб, 11:44: I take that back. Hail. #icerightnow
  • Сб, 12:09: TIL how to fold a fitted sheet. I feel ecstatic, because I could bet money that most of you fuckers can't. #accomplished
  • Сб, 12:12: Hell, I'm sure there's one or two of you who can't even fold a teeshirt properly. '-'
  • Сб, 12:13: Also, while learning this, a layer of white has appeared outside.
  • Сб, 12:20: @j41d3n You may want to consider checking with the Marine about getting your ass back up here, considering weather.
  • Сб, 13:00: Another note of accomplishment for the day... After over a year in this apartment, I have finally hung all my dress shirts.
  • Сб, 13:52: Listening to my first episode of @LaserTimePodcast since I threw money at them after the first episode.
  • Сб, 13:53: And yes, that makes sense to me somehow. I haven't slept.
  • Сб, 15:14: If I could get studio space, I'd totally start doing a YouTube series called "Folding Shit" to teach guys how to properly fold clothing.
  • Сб, 15:14: I'm thinking "Epic Mealtime" meets laundry.
  • Сб, 16:05: I won the Golden Touch achievement in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for 64 trueachievement points -
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