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MIcrosoft, Apple and Monopolies

Okay, question of the day...


No matter what people say, or what the government thinks, Redmond does not have a monopoly on the PC platform.

Don't like IE? Try Opera or Netscape. Don't like Windows? There's Unix, Linux, FreeBSD and BeOS.

There are plenty of non-MS programs for you to use. The main reasons MS has such a tight grip on the PC market, though, deals with good marketing, excellent compatability, and ease of programming. Redmond's struck deals with most PC manufacturers to get thier OS on a system straight out of the box, but if consumers ask, many companies will install Linux for you instead.

Try installing Linux on a Mac. IT DOESN'T WORK.

You can't use an Apple system without MacOS. If anyone has a monopoly in regards to computers, it's Apple. There's no Apple clones, there's no no alternate OS' for you to use, and you're pretty much stuck with Apple if you want that niftykeen G4.

The Company That Gates Built has more business savvy than their competitors, hence the reason they're so widespread. That market share that they have a firm grip upon is because they made it a point to be better than the rest.

MS does a lot of reverse engineering. So does anyone else whom wants to make a product that has a similar interface to the market standard but wants to make it, at least in their minds, BETTER.

I'm sorry, folks... But everyone whom says "Microsoft is Evil" and can't back it up... They piss me the fuck off.

[UPDATE] It's been brought to my attention that Linux does run on Macs. I was going off of my limited knowledge, where a personal frnied of mine had made his Mac unusable by way of Linux.

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