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29 August 2011 @ 12:00 pm
My tweets  
  • Sun, 19:41: Someone's running from Seattle PD. 10-12 officers involved.
  • Sun, 22:09: A man must know his limits. I found mine. That is why I am at home now, drawing a bath and preparing to soak in it forever.
  • Sun, 23:27: Oh, I see. @TinyManRages was haxed... I was going to wonder why my best friend's boss was sending me inappropriate links via DM.
  • Mon, 00:03: Some PAX highlights: Managing to not gush all over @DuvalMagic after Expo close Sat, nonchalant greeting to @wilw in GameWorks restroom...
  • Mon, 00:04: ...Drunken shenanigans two nights in a row with the @GamesRadar crew, the look on @beezn's face when I called him a Dirty Portlander...
  • Mon, 00:06: ...Great talks with @UberBeth, seeing @asalisbury, @MitchyD and @crashfaster again (if but for moments), [E] hugs, [E] hugs, [E] hugs.
  • Mon, 00:56: RT @fictionalMammal: There is never enough time.
  • Mon, 00:59: @BDRAnneLewis @tyler_wilde She is, of course, correct. And the two of you are adorablz. Almost criminally so.