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Day started off as per any other... The alarm/radio thing blaring an advert at 60 bazillion decibels. Grunt anger grunt CAFFIENE grunt.

Log on to FM, only to find the park waking up as well. Check my comics for the day, then check a website my parents told me to find last night.

Seattle Housing Authority.

Since my parents took me up there, I've been contemplating transferring to the downtown store. Problem was the cost of living.

With a Section Eight Subsidy, I could get a studio for $550 a month. For downtown, that equals SCORE.

Then reality hits me. How can I afford that? It's what I'm paying right now, and I'm barely squeaking by. My credit is such crap that I have no chance of passing the check. I doubt I'll be able to get anything paid, which means tacking on water, sewer, garbage, cable and parking (should I get a vehicle) onto phone and internet service.

My current monthly adjusted income is approximately $850... With tel and net racking up to $90, can those other five be paid off under $210, with enough room to feed me?

Granted, this is calculated without Marianne; I doubt she'd be happy to live so far out of nature's grasp. I could, of course, be wrong.

In which case, we'd need a two-bedroom, which stacks rent to $910. Ouch.

Next, I go to the bank and withdraw my last ten bucks so I can eat today. I'm a poor bastard again. Bweh

Work. Another day without Makelah is a good day... until I start stressing about my grandmother again.

She had another 'event' (read: near-stroke) this weekend. She goes into surgery tomorrow morning.

90-99% blockage in the right carodid artery now.

I told myself I wouldn't worry about it until something happened. I was wrong. The muscles in my back are knotted so tight that it's making me nauseous.

I check with our Human Resources person about the company's berievement policy. Three days paid... Any further time unpaid. Whee.

Misses a shortage meeting because I was at lunch. Big whoop. Got informed that Makelah, Katie, Lynn and I are all going to have a heart-to-heart.


Fuck me.

New job search begins NOW. Maybe Seattle is in my near future.

I so need a car, though.

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