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Well, here we go...

I decided, after discussing some concept with the marketing peon whom got his job back for actually giving a decent answer, that the best course of action for The Poor Bastard's Guide would be to turn it into an LJ community.

The Poor Bastard's Guide (pbguide) is more than the gaming article it was once going to be... It's now a guide for all those, like myself, whom don't exactly have the money to burn on things such as, oh, say, a new XBox or a DVD every week, a la some people I know. This is for us, the people with real incomes, with debts and not a lot of disposable income. The renters, the bargain hunters, the people whom just want to pass some time with something inexpensive, yet fun.

If you have a review, or just like reading other reviews, please, feel free to join and comment.
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