Four Thirty Five (435) wrote,
Four Thirty Five

Some Bullshit from 435

It's like a real post, only not!

  • 09:30 Someone tell my immune system to start playing nice. #
  • 14:35 @Gliber I'm guessing Patient Zero. After all this, I'm expecting the government to swoop in and abduct me for use as a biological weapon. #
  • 20:08 Contemplating trading in my DS for a used PSP. #
  • 22:46 @Liger *waves wire clippers* >:] #
  • 22:49 @psykitty Yes, but that wouldn't help me get a PSP. #
  • 23:50 @Liger Oh, if only I could be there to exploit it. I expect pictures. #
  • 00:35 @Shoat I'm just proud. #
LoudTwitter, tossing my bullshit onto your friend's list.
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