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19 September 2009 @ 04:35 am
Some Bullshit from 435  
It's like a real post, only not!

  • 09:58 Fever made like Keyser Soze. "And just like that?" *poof* "He's gone." #
  • 11:53 Missed espousing the virtues of #TalkRadar for two weeks... But no more! TDAR 69 is live! is.gd/3qd4e #
  • 19:03 @psykitty Indeed. Mine petered out almost immediately. #
  • 19:15 @ambersalis When I went to Hawai'i, one was hanging out in the middle of the door to the place we were staying, waiting to say aloha. :3 #
  • 21:32 Rick Sanchez of CNN takes Fox News to task and becomes one of my heroes. Warning: serious ownage ahead: is.gd/3rc54 #
  • 00:17 @Brelston I say he should get Scrooge on his McDuck. #
LoudTwitter, tossing my bullshit onto your friend's list.