Four Thirty Five (435) wrote,
Four Thirty Five

Some Bullshit from 435

It's like a real post, only not!

  • 11:41 @paperthin0 A good trade. #
  • 11:42 @Positron_CoH Heal and rest up, sir. I know your pain. #
  • 12:06 Throat is on fire. Nose is either running or bleeding. Shallow, non-productive yet racking cough. I haven't been this messed up in... ever. #
  • 16:26 @Brelston It may not generally be your kind of music, but can I say that I'm happy you played through #BeatlesRockBand? #
  • 18:20 RT @CAntista: RT In honor of Norman Borlaug's death, here is the Penn & Teller's BS! ep about him and GE food #science #
  • 21:50 @_Macca Goodbye, sir. Kiss noise. :< #
LoudTwitter, tossing my bullshit onto your friend's list.
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