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So I've decided that I will indeed do the article-thingie. It will cover only games I, personally, can still rent. And Dreamcast games, because I own a DC. And the occasional Olde Gaimme Reviewwe. And maybe a movie. I dunno. It may branch into a zine. This concept scares me a bit.

But, anyway. Rather than trying another poll thing, I though I'd ask you, my readers, to help me with The Title. I have no idea what to call it. I've rounded up my boys in marketing, and they've all been fired after this pathetic list...

  • Press Start
  • Continue?
  • Renter's Delight
  • Rent to Own
  • RentStation
  • The Poor Bastard's Guide to Gaming

Now, I'm sure you all have larger brains than my marketing boys (think rasberry seeds), and can help me come up with something better.

Comments, please. I'd love some.
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