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Computer Outage

At approximately 9:42pm last night, the computer known as KitBox suffered a shutdown on a massive scale. The processor fan was unable to keep the computer from overheating, and may have caused the processor to suffer a major breakdown.

A new fan has been purchased, and hopefully it will fix the problem. Until I can install this fan, I won't know if the problem is processor or fan-based.

The outage will affect myself and my roommate from any computer-based activity, including MUCKing and updating my resume.

On PhoenixMUCK, this will mean Vice, Junior, Gui-Zhang and Tseng will be offline.

On FurryMUCK, Kuo, Meryl and Siobahn will be affected.

On Rival Schools MUCK, Ryuji and Blaze will be absent from class.

On Final Fantasy MUX, Jessie will be MIA.

On SuikodenMUX, Jowy will be a couch.

We will be working to fix the problem as soon as possible, but until then, the two of us apologize for our dissapearance. Thanks.
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